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Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops - November 11th - 14th - Final Day!

A Time to Give Back to those that serve this country. That was my only real purpose in joining the blog tour. As the old saying goes, I have no dogs in this hunt. None personal. I had uncles that served in the Armed Forces. I can remember my Uncle Bob coming back one year unexpectedly from wherever he was stationed. Every Christmas Eve my mother's family got together for my grandparents anniversary. He dressed up as Santa, and brought us all presents. No one knew who he was. *smiles* Because of him I believed in Santa until I was eleven - when I found the Christmas present hidden, badly, in the basement. Until then, no one could convince me otherwise because I'd SEEN him.
Other than that, I have Facebook friends who have children who are serving, but nothing that touches me personally.
Except I guess, empathy. I see the names of those lost on TV and listed in my newspaper, mostly young men but some young women. They joined for a variety of reasons - because of 9/11, for the desire to serve their country, or just to support their families - all of which I can admire. For whatever reason, they put their lives at risk to uphold the principles of this country. I wanted to honor that, so I give to them and to you one of the most precious things to me, and hope that you like it. In this month of Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks for those who give everything that they are.

A word about the blog tour: Fifty authors are offering their books as free giveaways to anyone who comments on this and the other blogs.

In addition, every comment earns an ebook for a troop. Plus, each comment is an entry into a drawing for a free Kindle! We’re also giving  multiple KINDLES to several lucky troops. So, how cool as that?

Why? Because the number one care package item request is books. So, let’s give them to our troops!
Want to donate money toward the troop KINDLES? Excellent. Just click here for secure donations via Paypal.

If you have been following the tour, you joined me here at Writer's Blog from Sherry Ellis's blog, “That Mama is a Grouch”  I do hope that you will continue on to Zoe Saadia's blog, “The Cahokian”

So, here is how you get your free ebook:
• Leave a comment below and share with us your connection to our military – is it you, a family member, a friend? Also please remember to include your email, or I can’t send you a free book!

• Do you have a specific soldier in mind to receive my book? Let me know! Leave their info below in your comment.

Here's where I get annoyingly redundant: Don't forget your contact info when you comment! Because otherwise I can't find you and give you a free book!

• If you just want us to designate a soldier, we are on it.

• It may take me a day or so to get through the comments and respond to you with the free ebook. Oh, I know you want the books and I want to give it to you! But I hope to have loads of responses (since each response sends a free book to a soldier, and all) and so it might take a bit to catch up.

• As authors, we’d ALL really appreciate a review on Amazon after you read our free books. Because that would just be so great.

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Now, don't forget to mosey on over to Zoe Saadia's blog, “The Cahokian” for more Tour, and more books...

Thank you all, very much. (And to anyone who responded to my prior post, I will be checking there, too!)