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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes I don't even write like me.....

One of the most common questions I get asked is 'who do I write like?' I can understand, I see far too many writers say they write like this author or that one. Or I'll look at the blurb (description) and tell instantly who their greatest influence is.
My answer? I don't write like anyone else. *grins*
And, as I said, sometimes I don't even write like me.
Oh some folks will describe one of my epic fantasies as Tolkienesque (which is a huge compliment), but its just because there are Elves and Dwarves in it. However my Elves and Dwarves are nothing like the Elves and Dwarves in Tolkien. Oddly, the one time I tried to write something even remotely like another author, no one recognized it as such.
Seriously, though, why would I want to write like anyone else? What I want is for other people to want to write like me!

Which might be a tad difficult. After all, I write:

Epic fantasy - The Coming Storm series and Song of the Fairy Queen

Historical fantasy - Servant of the Gods

Contemporary fantasy - Heart of the Gods

Thrillers - Nike's Wings and The Last Resort

Romantic suspense - Lucky Charm

Romance - The Millersburg Quartet series and Click

Horror - Shades


as V. J. Devereaux

Erotic romance - The Book of Demons series, Blood Bound and Cooking Class.

One thing you will find in all my books is engaging characters set in worlds you want to be part of, strong, capable heroines with problems you can relate to, and equally as complicated heroes!